Sara Notargiacomo

Design Thinker and Business Designer for technology transfer, Intellectual Property Protection, passionate about running and mindfulness training.

About Me

As a business designer in the technology transfer field, I am focused on understanding and studying the research development procedure and the main challenges to an efficient and sustainable valorization in terms of intellectual property protection and transfer to industry. Such goal can be achieved only by understanding in the first place the economic impact of research work, the most relevant technology innovations for industry applications and what to emphasize in a for-profit company presentation.

I strongly believe in the idea that engineering, design and business are three fundamental elements of a winning formula. At NECSTLab (Novel, Emerging Computing System Technologies Laboratory) as Technology Transfer Manager, I work in collaboration with the entire research team on a wide range of topics.

The adopted process aims at creating value from research by applying two different technology transfer approaches: intellectual property protection model, and entrepreneurship model. While assessing the business opportunity related to the developed technologies, I like applying the design thinking approach. All technologies are analyzed in terms of human desirability, business viability, and technical viability in order to identify the best valorization strategy. For those project suitable for an entrepreneurial development, I strongly believe in the importance of applying a research approach based on hypothesis ideation and testing in the business model design phase. In such context, the lean startup method and the value proposition canvas result to be the ideal framework where to better understand the applicative domains and the real value generated for the target user or customer while proceeding with the technology validation.

Business Design

Design Thinking

Tech Project Management


Awards & Certifications

  • December 2017

    HIPEAC Tech Transfer Award

    HyPPO won the HIPEAC Tech Transfer Award, a reward that wants to stimulate uptake of research results by industry.

  • September 2017

    Switch2Product Winner

    DockeCap awarded as "Best Entrepreneurial Idea" at Switch2Product Innovation Challenge.

  • March - 2017

    Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems

    Online course authorized by University of California Irvine: Certificate.

  • June - 2015

    Best New Branch in Europe: 180 Degrees Consulting

    While I was president of 180 Degrees Consulting, it was awarded as "Best New Branch" in Europe.


HUGenomics: A support to personalized medicine research
Lorenzo Di Tucci, Giulia Guidi, Sara Notargiacomo, Luca Cerina, Alberto Scolari, Marco D. Santambrogio.
IEEE Research and Technologies for Society and Industry (RTSI), Modena, Italy, September, 2017.
[PDF] [BibTex]

A fog-computing architecture for preventive healthcare and assisted living in smart ambients
Luca Cerina, Sara Notargiacomo, Matteo Greco, Luca Paccani, Marco D. Santambrogio.
IEEE Research and Technologies for Society and Industry (RTSI), Modena, Italy, September, 2017.
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Business Design Pills

The course aims at providing students with the basic understanding of how to join the design thinking approach and the methodologies of business model canvas to assess the desirability and the viability of their personal project. The goal is to help them understanding the basic concepts of opportunity, features and benefits and how they are related to the technological challenges of the project.

This course is part of the Sport&Wellness Hackaton.

Workshop Startup101

The Startup 101 workshop was born aiming to expose students to the key themes they will face after graduation whatever the career path they will decide to undertake: whether they decide to launch their own business, work in a large corporation or start a career in the academic world. They are asked to think in an innovative way, in a different context than their usual comfort zone. The workshop aims at making students understand how their technical know-how can interact with the academic and industrial world to create value for society; teaching students how to think innovatively, in context out of their usual comfort zone; acquiring business skills and entrepreneurial mindset; learning to test and validate hypotheses at the base of a business model; definition of a reference market and a scalable business model, to the presentation to an investor.

This course is part of the PeOPLE@DEIB initiative.